These are exciting times at Kingshurst Dental Surgery and we would like to share some of these with you:


We are part of the redevelopment of Kingshurst, which to be honest, is well overdue. Kingshurst Village centre will be redesigned to a high standard and will soon be able to boast a range of local services which will in turn play a strong role in the pride we already feel for our close knit local community and will reflect on exactly this. 


We are pleased to announce that we will soon be moving into a new ‘State of The Art’ health care centre. We will be alongside our colleagues offering first class dentistry, GP services and Pharmacy. As a result of this we will be able to offer a much improved and varied service to our patients. More surgery space will mean we are able to offer more NHS spaces for adults and children. We will also be able to expand our team to accommodate this and will therefore be able to offer a wider variety of treatment options. Whilst our main focus will be to offer a high standard of NHS dental care we will also be able to offer an extensive array of private options. Developing our range of cosmetic dentistry.  Stay tuned for more info.



For the first time ever I am excited to announce that we will have disabled access, enabling us to welcome everyone, young and old who wish to join our friendly team. We have a multi lingual team including sign language and I feel that for the first time our new premises will reflect on our already amazing, welcoming and community orientated team. Our new village centre means we will have a building to match our dental team of whom we are proud of.


Please follow the link for more info : Kingshurst Village Centre Regeneration (

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