When to come for your Dental Check-up?

When to come for your Dental Check-up?

You may assume that you should need a dental check-up every 6 months, but some people may not need that frequents where as others may need more frequent. Your dental check-up can be anything from 3 months to 2 years and your dentist will recommend the frequency based on how good your oral hygiene is, how healthy your teeth and gums are and your risk of further problems in the future.


Why do I Need a Dental Check-up?

At each check-up, your dentist will:

  • examine your teeth, gums and mouth
  • ask about your general health and any problems you have had with your teeth, mouth or gums since your last visit to the dentist.
  • Ask about, and give you advice on, your diet, smoking and alcohol use, and teeth-cleaning habits.
  • Discuss a date for your next visit


How often should I have a dental check-up?

After you check-up, your dentist will recommend a date for your next visit. The time of your next check-up could be anything from 3 months to 2 years (or up to 1 year if you are under 18).

Generally, the lower your risk of dental problems, the longer you can wait before your next check-up. So people with good oral health will probably need to attend less frequently and those with more problems will need check-ups more often.

This advice is for your dental check-up only. You may require further appointments if at your check-up there is further treatment required, such as fillings etc. You may also need appointments between your recommended check-up if you experience pain. You can contact us for an emergency appointment should you require.

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